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In Starforge, each player starts with a faction of constructible ships made from custom acrylic game pieces. In the center of the table is a row location cards that can be conquered and mined for resources. Through their choice of tactics, and how they build their ships, the players can battle and outwit their opponent achieving victory by command points, resource capture or enemy destruction.

Starforge is a PART-BUILDER game, where what you choose to build affects how the game unfolds.

The game comes with:

  • (38) acrylic game pieces
  • (9) location cards
  • (2) six sided 12mm opaque purple dice
  • (3) rules cards
  • (2) faction reference cards

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Night Class: A Superhero Roll & Write

Your family thinks you’re pursuing your masters. Well that’s partially true. By night, you're a champion of justice, protecting the neighborhood from the criminal underworld. You’re still learning the ropes of being a hero–but you better learn fast!

In Night Class, you become a superhero-in-training. Customize your hero each round, while infiltrating the enemy's location and neutralizing the threats. But hurry, time is ticking and you might not be able to save everyone!

Tornado Chase

Become the best storm chasers and jockey for position while avoiding being swept away in the storm. Let the Veteran Driver get you in the storm’s path so the Anxious Radar Tech can drop weather sensors at just the right moment. Just be sure to get out of the path of the infamous F5 Tornado!

Tornado Chase, a 9-card dice-drafting game of tornado-chasing tactics. Two players try to score the most acclaim while avoiding being swept away in the storm.

Turris: City of Giants

The Towers are the last bastion of refuge for this world, a world gone dark and dangerous. Rival factions have built monstrous towers that spire past the clouds. These magical and mechanical structures roam across The Wilds seeking resources, and new conquests.

In Turris, players add structures to their tower to gain new abilities and followers. Choose from mystic cards that call upon the gods both kind and cruel, science cards that explore power of machines and potions, or warfare cards that focus on combat. The faction with the most Influence wins, but all players must defend against the Darkness, or you all lose!

Pocket Kung Fu

The Original Kung Fu Fighting Microgame! Turn your table top into an arena full of Kung Fu masters with Pocket Kung Fu! (Everyday) objects like books, glasses, or cellphones transform into active game elements as fighters leap, flip, and battle their way to victory. This portable game can be played anywhere, in between other games, while ordering food, or even while waiting in line.