Pocket Kung Fu

The Original Kung Fu Fighting Microgame (2-6 player)
Turn your table top into an arena full of Kung Fu masters with Pocket Kung Fu! (Everyday) objects like books, glasses, or cellphones transform into active game elements as fighters leap, flip, and battle their way to victory. This portable game can be played anywhere, in between other games, while ordering food, or even while waiting in line.

Tornado Chase

(2-4 players)

Become the best storm chasers and jockey for position while avoiding being swept away in the storm. Let the Veteran Driver get you in the storm’s path so the Anxious Radar Tech can drop weather sensors at just the right moment. Just be sure to get out of the path of the infamous F5 Tornado!

Tornado Chase, a 9-card dice-drafting game of tornado-chasing tactics. Two players try to score the most acclaim while avoiding being swept away in the storm.

The Excavators

Dig into the adventure as you and your team uncover lost treasures in search of the ultimate prize. Compete with up to 3 other players as you attempt to match artifact pieces, scoring points and ultimately grab  the ancient artifact of lore. This unique spin on Rummy combined with pulp adventure will get your heart racing!

Coming Soon!

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